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When World War II ended, the Vatican had egg all over its face. Pope Pius XII, after building the Nazi war machine, saw Hitler losing his battle against Russia, and he immediately jumped to the other side as he saw the handwriting on the wall. General Eisenhower saved his neck. Pope Pius XII should have stood before the judges in Nuremburg. His war crimes were worthy of death. But the Vatican was pulling every string she could, and Pope Pius XII came out smelling like a rose.

Pope Pius XII

Too many people knew that the Vatican was responsible for World War II so it was time for a face lift. Time to start up smokescreens. The Vatican II Council came into existence and the mother of harlots put on a new make-up job. She wiped her mouth with her bloody hands and said, “I’ve changed. Now I like the Protestants. I’m not going to call them heretics any more, but separated brethren.” She told the Protestants to forget the past. It was now time to push the love gospel. A time of healing. Just like in France and Ireland. Remember…? There were so many books in the gospel book stores exposing the whore that the Vatican had to create a common enemy for both Catholics and Protestants to unite against. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen launched the anti-communist attack, and behold, like mushrooms, we saw anti-communist ministries popping up exposing the monster in Moscow.

The Jesuits were busy on many fronts. The John Birch Society blossomed, aided by the Jesuits, because it served their purpose to have attention of the Protestants shifted from the Vatican to Communism. At this time, Senator McCarthy was riding high. Publishers stopped publishing books exposing the whore and turned their attention to Communism. Some Christian publishers were bought out, others didn’t want to make a stand because it would raise eyebrows.

So the Vatican was succeeding in their goals. Their boys, planted in Protestant denominations, frowned on anti-Catholic sermons and discouraged them across the nation. We were locked into a cold war with Russia. Hollywood, influenced by a powerful Catholic lobby, furnished us with films like “Song of Bernadette” and “Going My Way,” and a number of exciting films glorifying the Catholic faith. On the other hand, they pushed movies like “Elmer Gantry” showing crooked Protestant evangelists. Do you remember “Dragnet” on television? The Christian was always pictured with a big Bible, smiling after he had strangled Grandma up in the attic. And always, the priests were the good guys. Just like in the popular television series called MASH. You see, we are hit psychologically on many fronts.